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Zeleni zvuk

Pop kultura može da iskaže svoj stav na mnogo efektniji način od, recimo, novinara. Uvijen u poetiku i muziku, bunt, protest, nezadovoljstvo, upozorenje, zvuče mnogo zanimljivije od novinskog teksta, a takođe je i lakše prihvatiti neprijatnu istinu uz muziku. Na Zelenim stranama ćemo objavljivati pesme čiji su autori zabrinuti za planetu. Slobodno dajte predloge. Krećemo sa Massive Attack – The hymn of the big wheel

…The big wheel keeps on turning
On a simple line day by day
The earth spins on its axis
One man struggle while another relaxes
As a child’s silent prayer my hope hides in disguise
While satellites and cameras watch from the skies
An acid drop of rain recycled from the sea
It washed away my shadow burnt a hole in me
And all the king’s men cannot put it back again
But the ghetto sun will nurture life
And mend my soul sometime again…

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